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Best gutter cleaning tools for 2 story house

This article’s primary goal is to share a wide variety of gutter cleaning tools used by professionals and DIY methods. In most cases, homeowners procrastinate or postpone the gutter cleaning until it is too late or someone finds out the deficiencies. We invest in a home and busy paying off the mortgages and bills by working multiple jobs. 

Moreover, cleaning gutters is not an easy job for many. It involves climbing a ladder, and it can be a nasty job. For some, heights can pose many challenges, such as acrophobia. They can prove to be dangerous. We all want our limbs intact and do not wish to be in the back of the ambulance. Besides, who likes the idea of scooping the garbage from the gutters, standing on a ladder in unpleasant weather such as rain, freezing cold weather.

Why Should You Clean Your Own Gutters?

Some suggest cleaning your own gutters is a good option. Assuming you are a brave soul willing to climb and check out your roof and gutters, you can see if there are any other damages to your roof that may need repairs. If you decide to clean up the gutters on your own, make sure you have a strong ladder with someone holding it at the base of the ladder. Using a safety harness is a great idea. The whole idea is to clean up the clogged gutters, which is essential but equally important to ensure your safety.

It will save you money to avoid paying a professional a little over $200 or more sometimes to clean up the gutters.

Suppose you are like me, who is very scared of climbing usual steps. In that case, a ladder is out of the question, so you have a choice, spend money hiring a professional or learn to climb or do nothing. The latter comes with some perils, such as water damage, pests, and cracks in your foundation. You very well know what water can do to your assets if not harnessed properly.

So the question you have to ask yourself is…how do you make this cleaning job easy for you? I will share with you some of the must-have tools for this excellent gutter cleaning project. Fortunately, old ways have given way to the new way of managing the cleaning process. No risk of climbing a ladder and risking your life with unforeseen emergencies. This will let you plant both your feet on the ground and use the tools to get your gutters cleaned up nice and clean.

You have gutter guards, and they are not always the best bet. There are advantages, but you cannot get away with cleaning your gutters thoroughly. You still have to deal with debris as they find a spot above the gutter guards.


Here are must-have tools for cleaning your gutters.

Choosing the Right Gutter Cleaning Products

You have to choose the right gutter cleaning product. It is better to have a kit that will last longer and give you the service you expect.  You have choices, and many kits are either adapters that get attached to a pole or hose. You may need scrappers and or water-based gutter spray tools. You have to see what best suits your needs.

You have to be aware of the fact that while cleaning, you may have debris. Using water-based equipment may spray jets of water. So, wearing safety eye protection googles will be a good idea to avoid debris flying into your eyes.

As mentioned in this article, gutter cleaning is a challenging task and a dangerous one too. Climbing ladders add risk and potential injuries. The introduction of newer gutter cleaning methods has minimized that risk..

Telescopic Hose Wand

The telescopic hose wand attaches to your garden hose’s threaded fitting and, in most cases, allows you to get to your gutters from the ground. In addition, they have hooked arms that reach and spray down into your gutters, providing a great angle to get the job done.


The pressure from your hose, along with specially designed nozzles, can help increase the water pressure. The wands are adjustable to reach heights with telescopic watertight sections.

Telescoping Claw

The gutter cleaning attaches to the end of the telescoping pole. It can reach into gutters to help remove leaves and debris. It may require a bit of intensive effort rather than a hose attachment. Still, it does work efficiently to break the blockages. As the name suggests, these claws are not claws; they are like scoopers or garden hoes. Once again, the dreadful and scary ladder will have to come into the picture here. With proper guidance and a good foothold for a ladder, you may be able to reach out areas to clear the leaves and debris by hand scooper or just bare hands.

Gutter Cleaning Scoop

You may have used a candy scooper, and you have become adept at climbing ladders. This option will be an efficient and inexpensive way to clear the debris and leaves struck or accumulated in the bottom. The only concern is you have to go up and down the ladder several times to clear a span of 3-4 feet at a time. It is an exercise, and bear in mind the risks, and it is better to have someone with you at this job.

Pressure Washer- Attachment

The Pressure washer attachments can help clean a gutter filled with dirt. The hooked attachment usually a long hook gets attached to you’re pressure hose. It allows you to point directly into the dirty gutter to help you get rid of the dead leaves, debris, and the gunk, built over a while. Some pressure washer attachment comes with double-sided that can spray in both directions to improve the cleaning process. It will simultaneously work as a dual attachment. However, a word of caution, this pressure can generate lots of pressure in discharging and exercise caution to avoid messing with your home and that of your neighbours.

Wet-Dry Vacuum

Yet another variety is called Wet-dry vacuum attachments. This is another gutter cleaning kit attached to a wet-dry shop vac for vacuuming or cleaning out the gutters. These are universal kits and have vacuum pipes hooked through a nozzle to reach the gutters. When you attach this to the vacuum portion, the debris, leaves can be sucked into the container. The debris and dead leaves can be blown away from the gutter with the nozzle attached to the blower portion. You should also be aware that leaves and debris when they are wet may pose some challenges. So, choose a strong vacuum and do it when it is not raining or in wet conditions. The best time for this job is a sunny day.

The Blower Attachment

You attach this to your leaf blower to  get rid of the debris and dead leaves out of the gutter. The blower attachment is very much like a wet-dry vacuum attachment. They work very well, except they leave a mess to deal with later as all the remnants are around your home and yard. One area will be clean, and that is your gutter if that is a consolation for you. 

The Gutter Cleaning tools Kit

The products listed above are kits and ready for use. The pressure washer kit has long extension wands and interchangeable nozzles.

The vacuum kits come with multiple lengths of rigid pipes. Some kits also have optional gutter cleaning tools and accessories, such as gloves, extension sticks, scoops and claws. Ask for a complete kit to don’t go back and forth to acquire or purchase the additional accessories

Many Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Gutter Cleaner

Having familiarised with the type of gutter cleaning tools, now focus on the nitty-gritty aspects of cleaning the gutters. It will help you shop for the best gutter cleaning tools and accessories.

Check your Gutter Conditions

It is one of the critical aspects to check the current condition of your gutter. If your gutter has outlived its existence, in other words, it has been there for a long time, consider replacing it altogether.


Some gutters have dents and holes, and they are not usually fixable. If they still have some life in them, check if they can be repaired for leaks or cracks. A dent will let the debris and dirt sit and make it hard to clean as it may develop an incline or a slope for cleaning effectively. When it comes to hole in your gutter, it will not only have leaks, and over time the leaks can be damaging both to your foundation and ultimately on your wallet. So, the holes and dents can motivate you towards a replacement than a fix or repair.

The Gutter Materials

The Gutter materials are usually aluminum and vinyl. They are common and have wider acceptance. Though aluminum is easy to clean and durable, the issue usually is with the use of vinyl. Vinyl may not withstand cold weather as it is considered brittle and tend to crack or break.  So cleaning during inclement or wet or cold weather is not a good option. It is recommended to go for copper, which is considered a high-end alternative.


We have gone about understanding gutter cleaning and the tools required for its use and maintenance. You may still have some questions that are frequently sought after to learn more. Let us focus on the FAQ about the topic. You may not have got all the questions answered here, the best bet will be to seek answers from Google or the service department of the manufacturer of the product.

Q. Are there specific toolsfor gutter cleaning from ground level?

Options are available for cleaning from the ground level. You can opt for a pressure washer kit, a wet-dry washer kit, and tools such as scoops and claws.

Q. How much PSI is needed to clean your home gutters?

Recommend pressure is around 1,500 PSI. It will help clean all kinds of grime, debris and leaves.

Q. How do you clear clogged gutters?


Most of the recommended tools will help clean the clogged gutters. The downspout area may be a concern that is connected to the gutter.  If there is a clog in this area, you can break it with your hand or poke it with a sharp object to declog the area of debris.

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