best electronic home door locks

Top 5 Best electronic home door locks

Today traditional key locks don’t just cut it anymore. The best electronic home door locks system offers both security and flexibility as you can control access to your home with your phone. One would think installing such a sophisticated device would be difficult, but installation is easier than you think. When deliberating on a smart lock to get, what you need to know are the best smart locks as they are arguably the most important part of a smartly connected home. Not only will such a sophisticated lock allow you to come and go into your home as you desire, but it will also monitor every entry into your home while you are away. For some smart lock entry models, simply let you use your phone to open or close your doors, while some let you assign some special privileges to friends and family. While this feature looks amazing, the smart lock goes further as most can be activated using voice commands or triggers from other smart home-installed devices/services. Here is a review of Top five (5) smart locks for homes.

01. August smart home Locks, 2nd Generation

This smart lock entry device is highly aesthetically pleasing, you can find just a handful few smart lock systems designed this way. With just about half a decade or more of market experience, August Home quickly figured out from the beginning consumers are not just looking for industrial hardware to install in their homes. With all of the August Home Smart Lock product, you can see it’s designed from the start to the very later detail in mind especially with the August Lock 2nd generation.

Best electronic home door locks

By default, the lock is precisely a Bluetooth-enabled system, as you will only be able to access the door when approaching within a few feet as the Bluetooth technology permits. For tech adverse person, an automation system will automatically take care of every lock and unlock when you come into or leave your home. This feature uses GPS information to determine when you have either left or arrived at home. You can also choose to lock and unlock your doors using the mobile app, although this is GPS feature works well.

If you choose, you can extend the range and features of your purchased August Smart Lock. All you would need is an August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge which is a simple widget that plugs into a nearby outlet acting like a bridge between the lock and a true smart home via Wi-Fi delivery. Currently, Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Apple Home Kit are support if you want to fully integrate this level of smart into your smart home. The Bridge installation will enable you to remotely control the lock with your phone from anywhere.

This August lock is one of the easiest smart lock devices to install, even if you are not a hardware person the kit does an excellent job of giving you a walkthrough. In the walkthrough, you get to see the various internal components you have to put together as you proceed with this smart lock installation and the types of lock hardware you might encounter. A typical lock upgrade should take around 10-15 minutes to get up and running. These details will vary based on the nature of the lock you are upgrading. Once the installation is complete your August app automatically picks up the slack and calibrates the lock. This feature makes this August smart lock peculiar. During the calibration process, it lets you specify who can access the lock either permanent or temporary, as it easy and is tied to an invitation that is sent to any user’s cell phone number you specify.

02. August WiFi 4th Generation Smart Lock

For a good reason, the August smart locks for homes are popular. The new model of the August smart lock for homes looks like a traditional deadbolt but with aesthetics. Their design makes them easy to install without changing your existing deadbolt, as it was reduced in its size (a remarkable difference in size from previous models) and further smartened with a built-in WiFi radio. It’s one of the recent best from August Home. Buying this smart lock system simply means you don’t need to buy any additional modules for remote connections.

Best electronic home door locks

Typically for many smart lock systems, you connect via Bluetooth to your phone. This feature lets you control the lock when you’re close to it, and for control outside of that typical range, you’ll need WiFi; indeed for control from anywhere in the world. Formerly, smart lock designers have relied heavily on a plug-in Wi-Fi adapter (module) like the August Connect. This is so their devices can integrate Wi-Fi, their smart lock landscape is changing already.

If you are into home automation and you are looking for a Wi-Fi smart lock that works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home kit, and Google Assistant, August’s newest 4th generation model puts smarts at your door without replacing your deadbolt. You can control your smart lock system easily now more than ever, but Wi-Fi drains batteries, and this is the first August model with CR123 batteries. The batteries should last three to six months which is a shorter life span for this model. This life span is also greatly affected by your WiFi connection. Your battery will drain fast if your smart lock is constantly reconnecting to your access point and the frequency with which you lock or unlock your door over WiFi.

You can also choose to assign virtual keys to additional users, as long as it follows August’s policies. This is fairly easy to set up as options and menus are straightforward. You can as well turn on/off notifications when something happens at your door, as the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock comes with a Door Sense sensor. This allows you to know if someone leaves the door open/closes. It also maintains the Geo-fencing features from August’s smart lock entry previous models. Also as excepted, such a more sophisticated device is secured using the latest security encryption technology (AES 128-bit and TLS encryption).

The August system is by far one of the simplest smart lock installations out there, and the guidance in both the app (with fun animations) and printed (in-box instructions) are easy to follow.

03. Kwikset 99380-002 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The latest addition to Kwikset’s family of smart locks for home is the Kwikset 99380-002 Halo WiFi smart lock. This product provides several methods for either locking or unlocking your doors; remote unlock, code entering on its touch-screen panel and using your voice, but it has limited third-party integration.

Kwikset 99380-002 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The design of this smart lock system is to replace the existing single-cylinder deadbolt lock, although they come packed with a complete deadbolt mechanism so they can be installed on a new door if need be. It takes more time to install than the August smart lock, you can go through the installation material provided. In comparison also with the August smart lock reviewed above, it takes more space on the door making it look more like an add-on.

The brightly lit touch screen offers Kwikset’s Secure Screen technology, which generates two random secure numbers that must be tapped before entering your four-digit access code. This is a security mechanism employed by this smart lock system to prevents potential intruders from gaining access while looking at you to type the codes. Should anything go wrong, the Halo has a built-in tamper typical alarm that would go off and a pus email alerts protocol when three consecutive incorrect codes are inputted; wrong inputted codes leave your screen automatically disabled for 60 seconds.

The Kwikset Halo has Wi-Fi built in so you don’t need to use it with a wireless bridge and for smart home integration, it responds instantly to lock and unlock commands using the mobile app and Alexa voice commands. It come equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios, lets you connect from anywhere using your phone. You can simply use Alexa or Google voice commands, although one notable downside is that it does not work with Apple HomeKit or interact with any third-party devices using IFTTT applets.

This smart lock provides alternative access modes such as access code on the touch screen, open your door with a physical key, smart commands, and via the mobile. Moreover, you can create up to 250 unique user codes with full-time, limited, or one-time access. The Kwikset Halo is a good pick for those who want the flexibility (can create full-time, one-time, or limited-time access up to 250 users) that a keypad and a rekeyable lock.

04. Hornbill Smart Lock Keyless Entry

Hornbill smart lock is one of the best electronic home door locks keyless entry is designed with an eye-catching keypad. It is enough to touch anywhere on the screen just to activate the touchscreen keypad which lights up when it becomes active. The sensitivity of the touchscreen, performance, and Brightness is perfectly ideal for usage in dark environments. Just in case need to unlock your door with a key, there is a key entry under the keypad.

Hornbill Smart Lock Keyless Entry

This Smart Lock Keyless Entry system has Bluetooth connectivity right out of the box and after establishing a connection, you can control your smart lock within range of the smart lock. One down this is you have to get a Gateway in other to connect to WiFi which will enable you to achieve smart home integration with Alexa or Google Assistant.

This smart lock device is easy to install, just follow the instruction to easily install Smart Door Locks and it is compatible with exterior wooden doors. Hornbill Smart Lock Keyless Entry Deadbolt is IP65 certified weatherproof makes it rainproof. Although this means you have to be sure that your environment will not be too harsh, but IP65 is good enough for most conditions.

With the smart remote control, you can set your password and keys, monitor your door locking and unlocking. You can generate Customized, Permanent, One-time passcode for friends, family members, and employees via APP. With its auto-lock feature, you can be able to fully automate the locking process as it Is very flexible with its timer options providing 5 to 120 seconds.

05. Kwikset 99120-037 SmartCode 912 Z-Wave Plus Keyless Entry

The Kwikset SmartCode is another amazing product from Kwikset produced to give your home the security it needs. The SmartCode touchpad smart Home Connect technology enables your door lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in your home, providing all the flexibility you need.

best electronic home door locks

You can check your door lock status with Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart Things, and/or Wink, and if you forgot to lock your door it will automatically lock it for you. You can customize this auto-lock feature, but by default setting, it is set to auto-lock in 30 seconds. This can be turned on/off at anytime. The smart lock system of the Kwikset SmartCode is truly smart as it allows users through web-enabled devices to remotely check their door lock status. Other things you can do remotely are lock and unlock your door with just one push of a button. You can receive notifications also from the SmartCode deadbolt. Receive email, text, phone call alert every time the lock is opened, or a code is attempted, or the smart lock batteries are running low.

The best electronic home door locks are the perfect solution for your home, office, storage room, or interior garage door where security locks are required. You can set keyless entry codes from any internet-connected device, for giving temporary access to anyone; your babysitter or neighbor. With your generated personalized code, you can enter your home at your convenient time with keyless entry, and with the backlit keypad, you have increased visibility. You can assign up to 30 different codes when used with the Z-Wave Plus home automation system

This SmartCode device is easy to install, program, and operate. It works using AA batteries, but it doesn’t come with batteries so you have to budget for batteries. It also features SmartKey Security as the backup keyway, and ensure it’s own security at all time using full 128-bit encryption, and patented side locking bar technology. All this to offer improved security.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) about The best electronic home door locks.

Bluetooth or WiFi Lock?

For Bluetooth smart lock entry enabled device, you’ll have to be within the range of around 40 feet to communicate with it. While locks with built-in Wi-Fi radio or a Wi-Fi bridge can be controlled remotely from almost anywhere as long as they are connected online.

Is Smart Home security safe?

Some locks integrate with other connected home devices, like the Nest Protect smoke alarm, and services, like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and If This Then That (IFTTT). Smart locks for homes are completely safe as they ensure safety in a home.

What is the most secure home security system?

When it comes to smart home security, one has to be serious as it is an important part of the smart home system. There isn’t a perfect system, but some smart lock systems have some advanced security systems like the August 4th generation WiFi smart lock which provides users with different security options.

What Other Kinds Of Locks Are There?

There are also smart locks out there that aren’t necessarily door locks. They are built to be tough as any standard lock but use Bluetooth to unlock with the tap of a button when you’re nearby. Some all your temporary or permanent guest access on your terms simply by using an app.

How Easy Can I Control My Lock?

Many smart locks offer a mobile app or web-based access that allows you to lock/ unlock doors with a simple button push. These apps control things from your mobile devices. Most apps let you add permanent and temporary users and set access schedules for specific times and days.

How Far Can I Go With My Automation?

Depending on your home automation setup, you can even pair your lock with a video doorbell. You can practically see who is at the door before you unlock it, or have some indoor security camera begin to record when a door is unlocked. The more features you install, the more you spend.

What Should I consider First Before Getting A Smart Lock?

One of the first things you’ll want to consider is the upgrade cost of your traditional lock. A smart lock costs more than a standard-issue lock for obvious reasons.

The latest smart locks offer things like voice activation, geofencing, and auto-locking features. With voice activation, locking and unlocking doors is as easy as it gets; simply tell your phone to disengage the lock and it unlocks your door. With geofencing, you’ll never have to worry if you are locked up before you leave your house. All you have to do is just use the mobile app to set up a perimeter around your house, and then use your phone’s location services to pinpoint your exact location. It’s that simple and when you leave the perimeter, you can have the lock automatically engage back. Similarly, the feature auto-lock will have the lock automatically engage after it has been unlocked for a specific period.

Other features you have to look for include keyless touchpads for those times when you don’t have your phone or your keys, a tamper and forced entry alarms that warn you of a possible break-in, and push email and text notifications with real-time information. For recommendations on the best smart lock entry device, the August 4th generation WiFi smart lock outmatches the rest of the smart lock devices.

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